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Public facilities construction Swimming Malta

Public facilities construction Swimming

Construction Swimming Facilities Public – Construction Swimming Public facilities – Our thirty years of experience in construction Swimming Public facilities in the swimming facilities for collective use sector is based on the many completed projects: condos, cottages, hotels, up to the municipal swimming pools and sports centers, providing a complete turn-key plant in hand, from the preliminary to the executive as per legislation in compliance with current rules.

For the construction of a semi-public and public to use the pool, we have the best technicians and experts in construction Swimming Public facilities in order to make reference to UNI 10637, Regional Norms and standards FIN


Public facilities construction Swimming

Subdivision of Public Facilities Construction Pools


Category A: Pools of public or private property, intended for public use. It is divided into the following groups according to management characteristics this category:
Group A1: whether publicly or privately owned pools, with undifferentiated public access for a fee.

Group A2: for collective use swimming pools, set in already in operation structures primarily to activities accessible to hotel guests, customers, members, such as: public exercises; tourism and agritourism accommodation activities; communities such as colleges, boarding schools, schools, communities, nursing homes, etc .; gyms, beauty salons and the like; clubs, associations.

A3 Group: pools designed for water play.

Group A4: complex structures comprising pools falling into more than one of the above groups.

Category B – Swimming pools which are part of condos and intended purely for personal use by those with the title and their guests.

Group B1: pools that are part of condominiums, more than 4 housing units

B2 Group: pools that are part of condominiums, up to 4 units

Category C – Pools for special uses located within nursing facility, rehabilitation, spa, the regulation of which is defined by specific legislation.

Category D: Swimming pools at the service of residential units detached, semi-detached, three-family and four-family.



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