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Construction Swimming pools use public Malta

Construction Swimming pools use public

Construction Swimming pools use public-

The Italian Olympic Swimming pools construction Enterprises Swimming pool Using Public swimming pools design and is equipped with the best public pools builders in Italy and in the world able to offer efficient and prompt response to all customer needs. Our architects and designers are specialized engineers in the design of swimming pools for hotels and hotel complexes, water parks, wellness and sport facilities.

Classifi cation of the Pools

For the purposes of this standard pools are classified as follows: • Type A: publicly or privately owned pools open to the public or to a user identified with or without admission fee.
By destination are divided into the following categories:
– Type A1
– Type A2
– Type A3

• Type B

• Type C

• Type D

balance tank

The conventional volume of the compensation tank must be sufficient to contain the volume displaced by the maximum number of bathers in the tank, the volume on the possible wave generated by the bathers themselves, the necessary volume to the countercurrent washing of at least one filter, the more the minimal volume to ensure the correct suction of the recirculation pumps and to prevent dry running.

Filters According to the UNI UNI 10637/2006 and 10637/2015

Our sand filter compliant UNI UNI 10637/2006 and 10637/2015 is built in reinforced polyester fiberglass. The filter bed is made from quartz sand. The system includes a manifold with star with glow plugs bayonet connection. The filter is provided with a bottom outlet and a vent to the air with a pressure gauge.

How much is the realization of a construction Swimming Using Public

Factors to consider that affect the cost of construction of a pubblic swimming pool use are different: it measures the tank, type of filtration system dimensioned on the volume of water; size and location of the technical rooms (the filtration and disinfection systems in this type of pool are often for capacity and dimensions rather impressive; also, if they increase the distances with respect to the pool may also increase costs, such as for example the costs for the pipes Anti-crush); presence of the inspection corridor (if a perimeter air shaft is provided that allows the perimeter inspection of the tank, this may lead to further expenses both for the supply of that construction work); and therefore, finishes and accessories. Accessories may be different depending on whether you created a set for the swimming pool, or relax, play or competitive purpose. In the latter case the typical accessories of racing pools are the starting blocks, floating strings, swags race, black stripes, …. In addition to defining whether the pool should be in UNI 10637, or FIN STANDARDS for construction Swimming use Audience



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