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Prefabricated swimming pools

Prefabricated swimming pools Malta

Prefabricated swimming pools

Prefabricated swimming pools

Prefabricated swimming pools


Thanks to our technical staff, engineers and architects, we can run custom jobs and tailor-made for each customer.

Thanks to our modular panels, we can realize a swimming pool in a short time simply and cost-effectively.

Our technicians are present throughout the region Malta

They will follow you step by step in the realization of your swimming pool

The prefabricated pools in steel panels are ideal in earthquake zones, because unlike concrete pools or formwork loses king does not create the micro injury due to settling of the ground or otherwise, are also great in those areas subjected to particular constraints.

Our pools are Built with steel panels manufactured in the most important European steelworks (Castiglione delle Stiviere – Brescia). Thousands of prefabricated swimming pools were installed by our company in the last 30 years in Italy and in Sicily. The structure in steel panels ensures a higher resistance than common in very cheap trade panels but less resistant. The same panels of our steel is used in various construction sectors and industries. The structure and strength of our pools is comparable to a wall 60 cm thick reinforced concrete.

Implementation Example Pool Manufactured in steel panels

The POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS are one of the services offered by the company. These POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS are made with the use of specific materials for the production of POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS. The sale of POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS is offered by highly qualified staff with years of experience in the field of POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS. The company also deals with the management and maintenance of POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS. All staff involved in POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS deals available also for the installation of POOLS PREFABRICATED PANELS.